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About Bob Stears

Bob’s interest in railroading began in early childhood with frequent weekend family trips exploring Colorado ghost town, mining and railroad history. 

After seeing the last days of the Narrow Gauge during a trip to Alamosa, Chama and Durango in the mid-’60’s, he began scratch building Colorado prototypes as a means of experiencing the roads of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Bob has always sought the connection between the models and the prototypes of the past and has often said: “we need to bring these prototypes back to life through our models.” 

Bob especially enjoys scratch building models of seldom modeled early Colorado narrow gauge equipment.  He considers himself to be a historian, researchers, and model builder.  He is especially interested in the DSP&P, C&S, F&CC, Colorado & Northwestern Colorado Midland and the D&RG. 

Although Bob currently doesn’t have a layout, a pike centered on the Leadville area prior to the 1893 silver crash is definitely in his future. 

Bob collects On3 brass models as well as a few HO scale models of the broad gauge Colorado Midland, C&S, and D&RGW.  He also collects photos and postcards of his favorite prototypes and has a wonderful collection of Colorado railroad passes.