New Launch: HO RTR GATC 16,000 Gallon Tank Cars

New Launch: HO RTR GATC 16,000 Gallon Tank Cars


Another ROKA classic Ready-to-Run (RTR) HO scale model from the early to modern diesel locomotive era of American railroading. ROKA is proud to offer the third run of our 16,000 Gallon welded GATC tank cars in all new prototypically accurate liveries and railroad specific details.

Built by the General American Transportation Corp. (GATC) for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (ATSF), Northern Pacific (NP) and Spokane, Portland & Seattle (SP&S) in 1949, the ATSF acquired a second batch of nearly identical tank cars in 1952. In 1955 the Chicago Great Western (CGW) purchased a slightly modified version of these GATC tank cars with more elliptical tank ends increasing the capacity to approximately 16,500 gallons. With the purchase of the CGW by the Chicago & North Western (C&NW) in 1968, these tank cars continued in C&NW company service for many more years.

All of these railroads initially used these GATC tank cars for company service transporting fuel, lubricants and other petroleum products to locomotive service and shop sites. As new higher capacity tank cars became available, these GATC tank cars were modified for more specific company and maintenance of way service. This limited run of GATC tank car models includes never before offered highly detailed prototypes with railroad specific detail in ATSF fuel, solvent, herbicide and domestic water service, as well in ATSF, ATSF/BNSF and BN fire service configurations. 

Also offered for the first time in highly detailed prototypically accurate Ready-to-Run HO scale are the colorful railroad specific models of CGW and C&NW tank cars as seen from 1955 through the mid-1990s respectively.

Researched, designed and crafted with the unwavering attention to the accurate prototypical detail expected by today's model railroad enthusiasts, these exquisite models are a must-have.

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